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Batik of Indonesia: a site to discover Batik, art of textile of Central Java and other places in Indonesia

batikgirl.gif (43724 bytes) The word "batik" is Indonesian in origin, even if the concept was known by Egyptians and Indians.

It is known to be more than a millenium old, and there are evidences that cloth decorated through some form of resist technique was in use in the early centuries AD in several West African, Middle-Eastern and Asian communities.

The word Batik is originally an Idonesian-Malay word and means to dot .

This art of textile is spread in the hindu and malay world, but Indonesia is certainly the heart of the Batik.

This way of painting and coloring textile has reached its higher degree of excellence in the Island of Java , in cities like Solo, Yogyakarta, Pekalongan or Cirebon.

From Java this 'batik' cloth was exported to other islands of the archipelago and to the Malay peninsula.

During the past two or three centuries batik has become one of the principal means of expression of the spiritual and cultural values of Southeast Asia.

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Updated may 27th, 2000
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